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Iron Shield Security

Iron Shield provides the highest caliber security services available for private clientele and government entities in the Pacific Northwest. We accomplish this by only hiring prior Military and prior Law Enforcement, allowing us to bring decades of experience to our clients.

Iron Shield owners collectively have over 4 decades of experience in the industry. Logan was a combat fast boat operator in the navy. After his military service, he contracted with the US Marshals Service while obtaining his degree in the criminal justice field with a minor in investigations. After graduating he went back overseas as a private contractor in the middle east. Upon returning he spent years as a firearms instructor and a DPSST instructor for the security industry in the State of Oregon. While working as an instructor, DPSST created a new classification of instructors titled “Instructor Mentor” based on his knowledge of the industry, knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations governing the industry, and his overall capabilities as an instructor. Logan is the only individual to have received this title from DPSST to date. Logan started Iron Shield in the year 2016 and has since moved the company towards operations and investigations, and away from instructing.

Jason started as a Fugitive Recovery Agent in the year 2000 and quickly became a leading presence in the field. In 2002 Jason added a career in the Private Security Industry doing protection for high profile clients in the State of Oregon and California. In 2003 he joined the Army. He was injured shortly after training, and after taking some time for healing, in 2004 he joined a company providing protection and security operations overseas and did numerous deployments until 2012 when he settled down and decided to focus on Oregon and stay close to his family. From 2012 until the present he has been a heavy presence in the Security Industry and Executive Protection Industry for clients in the music and film industry, as well as conducting investigative work as a Licensed Private Investigator.

Iron Shield Capabilities

  • Armed/Unarmed Security Services
  • Executive Protection Services
  • Private Investigation Services
  • Surveillance Detection /Counter-Surveillance Services
  • Maritime Security Services
  • Residential Security Team Services
  • Hostile Workforce Termination Services 
  • Courier Transport Services
  • Protest/Labor Strike Security Services
  • Comprehensive Threat Assessment Services
Iron Shield Security Owners Logan Jason Oregon Security Contractor Company Services

    Armed/Unarmed Security Services

    By hiring only Military Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers, our teams provide vastly more comprehensive security programs and security services for our clients. We hold multiple contracts with clients who have pre-existing security programs; however, the clients realized our capabilities far superseded the capabilities of the existing contract company. We provide either armed security services or unarmed security services, and we can provide these services uniformed or in plain clothes as per the client’s request.

    Executive Protection Services

    The Iron Shield owners have decades of experience providing Executive Protection Services for celebrities and UHNW clients. Utilizing that experience, they have comprised an experienced team that can mobilize anywhere to provide the best services available for clientele. The EP team has experience providing EP and Close Protection Details both INCONUS and abroad, and the experience they bring to the table affords the highest level of protection and planning possible.

    Private Investigation Services

    The Iron Shield owners are licensed Private Investigators in the State of Oregon and have many years of investigative experience. Iron Shield provides investigative services for criminal defense, locating missing persons, investigating threats to individuals or businesses, infidelity cases, as well as assisting Law Enforcement with criminal investigations.

    Surveillance Detection/Counter-Surveillance

    The Iron Shield Surveillance team is comprised of prior Detectives and Military personnel with experience conducting Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance operations both in the US and abroad. This experience means that clients get comprehensive and effective surveillance detection/counter-surveillance services. Iron Shield also provides RF Bug Sweeps for private clientele and government organizations.

    Maritime Security Services

    Iron Shield has the capability to provide both Embarked Security Teams (EST) as well as Boat Operations for private clients, shipping companies, or UHNW clients. Iron Shield owners have years of experience conducting maritime operations in the military to include interdiction operations and anti-piracy operations overseas. They have used this experience and time in service to contract a team consisting of maritime operators and Marine FAST Team operators to provide these services to Iron Shield clients.

    Residential Security Teams

    Iron Shield has Residential Security Teams in place to provide close protection and residential security services for clients on a short-term and long-term basis. The Iron Shield RST has years of experience providing these services for clientele, and the know-how to effectively identify potential threats. Iron Shield utilizes part of the Surveillance Detection/Counter-Surveillance team to assist on Residential Security operations to provide the highest level of protection to clients possible.

    Hostile Workforce Termination Services

    Hostile workforce circumstances resulting in employee or contractor termination occur often. Iron Shield provides an added level of protection to clients by implementing our HWT team for these events. Iron Shield has the ability to provide these services either uniformed or in plainclothes at the client’s request.

    Courier Transport Services

    Iron Shield has held long-term contracts with organizations and private clientele providing transport services of high-value assets, vehicles, artifacts, and collections. Iron Shield transport team members are certified and cleared for port access as well as airport access to load items on aircraft for long-distance shipping.

    Protest/Labor Strike Security Services

    Iron Shield has a dedicated team to provide protest security and protest countermeasures for organizations to prevent the destruction of company property and looting. The team also provides labor strike security services for private organizations as well as the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

    Comprehensive Threat Assessment Services

    Iron Shield owners are members of the Threat Assessment board for the State of Oregon and work with local and Federal Law Enforcement conducting threat assessments Statewide. Iron Shield also provides threat assessments for private organizations and multiple hospital systems per federal regulation.

    Iron Shield is an SDVOSB and registered with SAM for the purposes of Federal Contracting. Iron Shield is also registered with the State of Oregon award management system for the purposes of Contracting with the State Government.

    Iron Shield holds multiple contracts with government entities as well as multiple large hospital systems in the State of Oregon.


    OALI – Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators

    US Small Business Chamber of Commerce


    561611 – Private Investigation Services

    561612 – Security and Patrol Services