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Is the Security Industry is a "tiered" industry?

Yes, the industry of security is very teired!

Let me explain how this directly impacts your business and effects the protection of life and property.

There are many companies that have strict hiring standards and maintain a distinct reputation for exemplary services matching or even exceeding that of Law Enforcement.

There are also many security companies (both large and small) that often act as more of a "staffing" service than a security service.

These companies typically pay minimum wage, hire anybody that can pass a background check and get the certifications, have no physical fitness standards, education standards, experience standards, and the list goes on and on.

This is much more common than the highly regarded security companies, and as such, has almost tarnished the reputation of the security industry.

The companies that act as more of a staffing service have been successful in a lot of cases.

They offer very cheap services, often the companies are very large security firms and are nationally, or even internationally recognized so the clients either know the security company name or it is easy to find, and the security companies can take on large contracts for clients meeting strict budgetary confinements.

This scenario has worked for some time, and in my professional opinion, the success was due to two factors:

  1. Clients often view security as more of a “check-in-the-box” (i.e. as long as we have security, we don’t care about the caliber of our security).
  2. Clients knew they always had Law Enforcement to fall back on when things really got bad.

These two factors are no longer viable factors for clients.

With the current geo-political issues going on, coupled with the politically charged police reforms and lack of support for officers by their respective departments or government, officers are leaving the force in record numbers.

Calls for service are soaring, and Law Enforcement departments are at record-low staffing.

Clients are starting to figure out that their security programs DO matter, and so does the caliber of the officers they have providing services on their properties.

At Iron Shield, we pride ourselves in building the highest caliber team.

We hire prior Military and prior Law Enforcement officers that have the specific backgrounds that bring the experience, knowledge, skillset, and education to our team so that we can provide the best services to our clients possible.

We pride ourselves in the image of our company and our operational security teams on contract.

We ensure that our teams are utilizing the proper equipment and have exceptional knowledge and training with the equipment they are carrying.

The years of experience each of our officers possess ensures that every officer is an expert with de-escalation, use of force guidelines, communication, laws, rules, regulations, and the appropriate client policies and procedures.

What the client receives is a high quality, well experienced, professional team with an unmatched image for their security program.

Our team is very diverse, with backgrounds in many areas of the industry.

This provides the back-bone of the many services Iron Shield offers.

We have Executive Protection Agents, Private Investigators, we provide Advanced Hospital Security Services, Courier Transport Services, Residential Security Teams, Hostile Workforce Terminations, Armed Security Services, Patrol Services, Protest/ Labor Strike Services, we provide Quick Reaction Force Services (QRF), Maritime Security Services, Surveillance Detection (RF Bug Sweeps), and Counter-Surveillance Services.

Iron Shield Corp ... Idaho.

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