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Alarm Monitoring & Response Services

The Alarm Monitoring and Alarm Response division of Iron Shield is ran by highly trained individuals who have years of experience within the Security and Law Enforcement industries. Most other companies that provide Alarm Monitoring services do not have their own Alarm Response, which leaves the monitors calling Law Enforcement Dispatch any time that an alarm is triggered. We are currently experiencing a shortage of Law Enforcement across the nation, and in most cases Law Enforcement is too short staffed to respond to alarms, especially for incidents of property crimes. This leaves clients and their property vulnerable, even with an alarm system that is monitored. The Iron Shield Alarm Division includes Alarm Response, and our Response Officers are prior Military and prior Law Enforcement. Our officers are trained to our standards and are prepared to take action to protect persons and property. Our Response officers utilize unmarked Tahoe’s and Police Interceptors with professional lighting systems, which significantly increases the visual deterrent that our presence provides. 

We provide 24 hour per day Alarm Monitoring, or custom tailored Alarm Monitoring for our clients. Iron Shield also provides Patrol Services, Armed/Unarmed Posted Security Services, Hospital Security Services, Private Investigative Services, and anything else our clientele need. 

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