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Armed Security Services (Uniformed & Plain-Clothed Concealed)

Our team is certified and have extensive experience providing armed security services for our clients in a wide array of environments and locations. We have to ability to provide an overt armed security presence, as well as the ability to provide plain-clothed and concealed armed security services for more of a covert approach. This is often useful in situations where the client does not want to draw attention to increased security protocols in an event that there is a perceived threat. Our team has a very high sense of situational awareness and a thorough and continuous training in order to provide these services safely and effectively. We are available to deploy to provide this service anywhere in Oregon with short notice. Services our of State are available with advanced notice.

Other services provided by Iron Shield: EP, PI, Hospital Security, Vaccine Sites, Vaccine Transport, Healthcare Clinic Security, Unarmed Security, QRF Services, Hostile Termination Services, Protest/ Labor Strike Security, Maritime Security.