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Hospital Security Services

We specialize in providing an advanced security element for Hospitals that augments into any existing security program in place. This is a significant benefit to our clients and substantially reduces the cost to employ our services without the need to replace the entire security program currently in place. We make this possible by the ability to add our advanced security element with 1 to 2 officers per hospital. The additional layer of security that we provide is accomplished with one of our officers assigned to the ED, one assigned in a patrol designation for the remainder of the hospital, and our officers work with the existing security team providing our response capabilities and training to mitigate threats and liability to the system. Our personnel are specifically trained to coordinate with and act as the official Law Enforcement Liaison to better the working relationship between the Hospital System and the local Law Enforcement entities. This improves response time, improves the trust between Law Enforcement and the Hospital, improves the security capabilities of the system, and improves the safety of the system, hospital employees as well as the patients. Our personnel are also highly trained and are there to respond to active threats, individuals displaying disruptive or unwanted behavior, patients displaying disruptive or unwanted behavior, and any other circumstance that would typically result in a call to Law Enforcement. This significantly reduces the timeframe these types of occurrences last due to our officers ability to intervene as opposed to having to wait for Law Enforcement to arrive.

We are currently contracting with multiple hospital systems and our services and program have proven to be extremely valuable to our clients.

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