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Hostile Workforce Termination (HST) Security Services

Employee terminations can be a high-tension event that can disrupt and cause concern that can negatively impact co-workers, senior-level management, and executive staff, and even disrupt workflow and safety for entire departments or locations. The employee may be experiencing mental health conditions, maybe a disgruntled employee that could have the potential for unwanted or violent behavior, and in the worst-case-scenarios could lead to an active threat situation against the organization. These situations are often largely underestimated which leaves the organization incredibly susceptible to a potential threat and the liability that would be incurred as a direct result. Our team has years of experience providing Hostile Workforce Termination services for organizations both small and large. We specialize in conducting these services discreetly to avoid escalating the individual involved; however, remaining in very close proximity to prevent any undesired activity or behavior as a result of the circumstance. We have conducted these services for timeframes ranging from the day of the event, as well as running longer operations (2-10 weeks if needed and requested from the client) to ensure the safety of the staff and the visitors/ clients. We are prepared to mobilize on short notice for these services anywhere in the State, with options for out of State work upon request.

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