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Private Investigation Services

Iron Shield owners are licensed, bonded and insured Private Investigators with decades of investigative experience assisting Law Enforcement, hospital systems, corporations, and private clients. We provide private investigations (criminal or civil) for theft, burglary, embezzlement, insurance fraud, accident investigations, investigations for child custody issues, elderly abuse, medical malpractice, witness location, vehicle crashes, harassment/ abuse allegations, cheating spouse/ partner, missing persons, surveillance detection/ counter-surveillance, threats against individuals/ companies, assisting financial organizations with finding vehicles for repossession, finding next of kin, background reports, skip-tracing, unexplained wealth investigations, and any other private investigative need you may have. We are prepared to mobilize on short notice upon request.

With Iron Shield, discretion and confidentiality are a guarantee. 

Other services provided by Iron Shield: EP, PI, Hospital Security, Vaccine Sites, Vaccine Transport, Healthcare Clinic Security, Armed Security, Unarmed Security, QRF Services, Hostile Termination Services, Protest/ Labor Strike Security, Maritime Security.