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Protest & Labor Strike Security Services

Over the past year, protest activity has increased exponentially and has become a priority point of concern for many organizations globally. Our team has extensive experience providing security program assessments to counter damage caused by protestors and increase the ability for organizations to close without fear of extensive damage or remain open for business while maintaining the safety of the location and all staff/customers/clients. We also provide security staffing if desired, with officers that are specifically trained in de-escalation skills with the ability to intervene in active threat incidents while coordinating with local Law Enforcement. We can provide plain-clothed officers to avoid the escalation caused by individuals witnessing persons in uniform, or uniformed officers at the client’s request depending on the specific needs of the location and business. We are prepared to mobilize our team to provide these services on short notice anywhere in the State on short notice. Options are available for out of State services upon request, with notice.

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