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Residential Security Team Services

Our Executive Protection Department has decades of experience coordinating with clients and providing the highest level of protection for them and their families. Our Executive Protection Department heads our Residential Security Teams and provides the same level of dedication and thorough planning for our clients who are in need of a similar service to Executive Protection; however, are not in need of the transit security, route planning, advanced work, or full package that our Executive Protection Department provides. We are available to set up a Residential Security Team for any client, we also custom tailor our services based on the needs of the client. Our Residential Security Teams (RST’s) are available on short notice, as well as for short term (typically based on a specific threat to a client or a threat to a clients family), or for long term placement (typically for High Net Worth or Ultra High Net Worth Clients). Our services range from RST coverage for client’s families while clients are out of town, to full comprehensive programs providing coverage around the clock 24/7. Any RST request from our organization will include a full threat assessment of the premises by the company owners working in collaboration with the client (or the clients proprietary security team lead). This will include site vulnerability, current security program vulnerabilities and existing gaps, security system update recommendations, security staffing assessment and recommendations for improvements, and surveillance detection/recommended counter-surveillance measures. The Iron Shield owners are also available to conduct Bug Sweep Services in any location utilizing equipment that is un-matched by any other organization in the Law Enforcement or private sector. Our company strives for excellence, this is not just what we do; this is who we are.