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RF Bug Sweeping Services

The Iron Shield owners are available to conduct RF Bug Sweep Services for any client. RF Bugs are devices that are strategically placed to be able to “eaves-drop” on conversations in both private and corporate settings. 

There are many circumstances where RF Bugs are utilized and can be detrimental to company or corporate operations. At Iron Shield we utilize the latest and most advanced RF Bug Detectors, and have the ability to detect VHF, UHF, Mobile (3G, 4G, 5G), and GSM devices. 

Clients often contact us for RF Bug Sweep Services for conference rooms and business meeting areas, hotel rooms utilized for business travel and business meetings, air BNB sweeps, house sweeps, vehicle sweeps, etc. 

We are available to conduct any RF sweeps that may be requested on short notice. Contact us for any additional information.