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Unarmed & Less Lethal Equipped Security Services

Our team is available to provide unarmed security services, with the ability to have officers equipped with less-lethal defensive equipment per the client’s request. Our team is certified, equipped, and trained to provide coverage with Tasers, OC/Pepper Spray, Baton, etc. Iron Shield owners have decades of experience as trainers and instructors for all listed less lethal equipment and are available to discuss your particular security needs and make recommendations for location and event-correct equipment upon request. Our team is available to provide unarmed or less-lethal defensive-equipped security services anywhere in Oregon with notice. Out-of-State coverage is available upon request with advanced notice.

Other services provided by Iron Shield: EP, PI, Hospital Security, Vaccine Sites, Vaccine Transport, Healthcare Clinic Security, Armed Security, QRF Services, Hostile Termination Services, Protest/ Labor Strike Security, Maritime Security.