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August 6, 2021

Subject: Security Officer Appreciation

Hello Jason and Logan,

I want to give a shout out of recognition to Billy, Aaron, Kevin, and Justin. This week has been exceptionally busy and challenging, and having them here with their phenomenal skills has been priceless. We all appreciate them immensely, but I think the charge nurses especially value these particular officers who exhibit a talent for working with our patient population. It is a huge relief to know that our staff are safe while having them around!

Thanks much,

*Person's Name Redacted/Confidential*

Manager, PeaceHealth

September 3, 2021

Re: Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Iron Shield. This company has been an integral part of our security team at Peace Health since 2019. They have helped give our caregivers a better sense of security and make our workplace safer. They have helped upgrade our security infrastructure with camera system recommendations and overseeing the installation of upgrades, implementation of a tiered security response, and roll out of mock code drills to help integrate frontline caregiver and security response. Iron Shield conducts investigations with thoroughness, interviewing witnesses and reviewing camera footage when available while using discretion to maintain protected health information.

Iron Shield was active in the planning and response to protest activities that impacted our hospital campus last year as well as active threats. They communicate effectively and conduct themselves professionally and work collaboratively. Iron Shield owners and operators take the time to listen to people’s needs and actively seeks solutions. They exhibit excellent teamwork while interfacing with our local law enforcement, Fire and EMS partners. During the protest activity in 2020 Iron Shield owners worked with the leaders of community organizations to help them understand how their activities were impacting patients’ ability to access the hospital and work on solutions while deescalating tensions. They have also worked with our Workplace Violence Prevention Committee on our patient belongings, weapons securing and handling of contraband procedures. They lend a unique perspective to our caregivers in matters of security and personal safety.

During the Holiday Farm Fire of 2020 that affected many of our caregivers, Iron Shield helped to evacuate caregivers and their belongings. This is just one example of the ways they go above and beyond in their dedication to our safety and wellbeing. They cover our four hospitals and multiple clinic sites. They take whatever time is necessary to respond to the needs of our healthcare network. They never leave a post dark.


*Person's Name Redacted/Confidential*

Manager, PeaceHealth